• 2000, December: Born in Ingolstadt, Germany                      

• 2014: started DJing 

• 2015: first Gig ever on a private birthday

• 2016: first club-gigs

• 2019: founded company of "DJ Maximilian Schmidt"

• 2020: release of own productions


Just a few days before christmas, Maximilian Schmidt was born in the city of Audi - in Ingolstadt. With a growing interest for music he started his life very eager and kept following his dreams. A main goal was to work with music and the best way to do this is to be a DJ. He spent all of his money and effort for equipment and learned everything about technique and music on his own. This is the main reason for his self-confidence and root-less style. He developed a style out of his own taste and the rules of modern music. From 2014 on, he gained experience everyday, developed himself and made new contacts and friends. Maximilian Schmidt is the one-of-a-kind, unbreakable character, that never stops working to reach his goals. Step for step his name gets bigger and more popular by everyday. 

In januarary 2019 things got professional and the company "DJ Maximilian Schmidt" was founded. It is daily work to brand the name and give it identity. However, the person behind it is a strong and powerful person with an open mind for new things.

Maximilian Schmidt releases own music productions since 2020 to give a big boost to the popularity  - with success.

Be part of this successful, unique story of a young and uprising electronic DJ. Make sure to bring a powerful secret top-act to your event and get your show now!


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